Proxy Falls

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Oregon is overflowing with waterfalls, particularly west of the (well-named) Cascade Range. There’s the Columbia River Gorge, where falls are so abundant that one section is known as Waterfall Alley. There’s Silver Falls State Park, which features what has to … Continued

Tenderfoot Trail

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I’m not the hiker I used to be. That was clear to me even before I set out on an overnight trip into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. For one thing, circumstances allowed me to start my trek at the well-named Tenderfoot … Continued

Imnaha and Hells Canyon

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No, it’s probably not as jaw-dropping as the Grand Canyon (still haven’t seen that one in person), but Hells Canyon is pretty grand in its own right. It just happens to be in the middle of nowhere, and that makes finding … Continued

Joseph and Wallowa Lake

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It’s no wonder that the Wallowa band of the Nez Perce tribe fought so hard to hold on to its cherished ancestral homeland. Take a glance at the Wallowa Valley in eastern Oregon, and you’ll understand why. It’s a stunning alpine oasis in a region generally … Continued

McKenzie River

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No matter which side of the Cascades you live on, the McKenzie River offers a refreshing escape from a hot summer day. Accessed a few miles south of the junction of highways 20 and 126, there are numerous parking lots that make … Continued

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