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Above Anchorage
The top of Flattop Mountain offers a spectacular view of Anchorage, particularly at sunset during the city’s short autumn.


When we hold our breath until nothing’s left
It all starts to fade
– Rilo Kiley, “Spectacular Views”


Sometimes, a song rises above the others — yes, even above a five-star iTunes rating.

Perhaps it has a special connection to a person or place. Or it epitomizes a certain time in your life. It could have been an inspiration or a source of consolation. Maybe you just really, really love it, so much so that it becomes a part of the soundtrack of your life.

For me, one of these songs is Rilo Kiley’s “Spectacular Views,” the soaring, exuberant finale of “The Execution of All Things.” Jenny Lewis’ powerful voice trades the spotlight with an anthemic guitar: Leave the long lines and parking lots behind, escape (physically or mentally) to “where the birds make their homes” and take in the world from a different perspective — “distanced perfectly, projected endlessly.”

So that’s where the name of this site comes from. Hopefully, the words, photos and maybe even videos collected here will capture those feelings. (When it comes to early-2000s indie music, “Such Great Heights” already has been co-opted by UPS and everybody else on the planet.)

Plus, double entendres are the best. (Views as ideas, views through a camera lens — you get it.)

What (hopefully) spectacular views will you find here?

  • Reflections: A blog about my passions, which mostly means the outdoors, video games and Oregon State sports.
  • Adventures: A photographic and written log of my trips across the country and around the world.
  • Photographs: A collection of my favorite pictures from over the years.

As I write this, I’m transitioning out of a job and am less than two weeks away from getting married. The best years of my life are yet to come. Thanks for following along.

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